Hi there,

We are Nick+Annie,  husband+wife wedding videographers/cinematographers/film-makers (whatever you like to call it). Our goal is to make films that make you cry happy tears, laugh until you hurt, and think "I want to watch that again!". We capture all of the big moments of the day (obviously) but we also hope to catch those moments you might forget about and moments you don't even know happen. Our films show your true personalities, emotions, and details of the day that photos alone can't recreate.  We love what we do because we get to do it together and witness one of the happiest days of your life. We love getting to know our couples and learning about your love stories.

When we aren't busy making wedding films we like traveling, snowboarding, but our favorite is just spending time with our friends and family! We met years ago through Young Life, which we are both still involved in so we end up spending a lot of time at high school sporting events and other YL functions (unfortunately not as much now that we're parents). We started dating in May of 2013, Nick proposed 2 months later and 6 months after that we got married in Mexico! We weren't interested in taking things slow. We now have a little boy, Nico, who was born in April of 2016.


Nick loves Jesus, Annie, Nico, cars, racing cars, fixing cars, watching videos about cars (he's obsessed with cars!), vlogs, wakeboarding, hamburgers, Cool Ranch Doritos, technology, and being with people!



Annie loves Jesus, Nick, Nico, coffee, music, Target, The Bachelor(ette), fashion, shopping, makeup, chips and guac/queso/salsa (Mexican food in general), celebrity gossip, reading, and alone time!   

Couple photos: Carly Loves Amos    Family photos: Jadea Sommer